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Featuring Century Enterprise Solution

We are introducing Century Enterprise Solution, the best-in-breed solution for end-to-end sales of Enterprise Solutions and Services.

Century ES is a highly configurable, model-based, single-screen user-friendly environment that supports MACD quote and contract management using a robust asset-based quoting solution

Century ES Accelerators

Modern automated application

Century ES is an automated application that allows sales managers to grab the opportunity, configure the price, quote and contract the accounts.

Industry-specific workflows and templates

It comes with predefined workflows and templates built precisely to address enterprise solutions and services sales challenges.

Pre-integrated with 3rd party vendors

Our solutions feature out-of-the-box integration with industry-leading vendors for fast deployment and enhanced automation.

Industry experience

Established based on experience from dozens of world-leading communication service providers and is built to meet the demands of Enterprise customers.

Enterprise business-specific features

Opportunity is good, but only if you can provide services at a specific location. Else your expenses can easily exceed your project earnings.

Site survey captures the survey data and provides the necessary information to the Sales Manager to confidently quote Enterprise user.

Benefits of Century ES

Benefits of Century ES

  • Product Packs and Visual Templates
  • Supports Metro-Ethernet, SDWAN and Managed services.
  • It enables faster adaption client’s ecosystem predefined highly configurable processes and templates.

Highly Configurable

  • Highly configurable entities, workflow, and integration solution
  • It enables fast configuration of the solution in accordance to the client’s business processes.

Extensive integration experience

  • We are uniquely positioned to implement best practices based on experience, known issues and mitigations.
  • In house development expertise and integration expertise of Salesforce and Oracle.

Excelacom’s Enterprise Expertise

  • Century was created to handle complex Enterprise line of business
  • Built and tested for highly complex, low volume enterprise scenarios (e.g., 100 sites ELAN/ Managed services deployment)
  • 15 + years of Enterprise OSS/ BSS solution architecture and implementation experience