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Century Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) helps companies automate the lifecycle of quoting and proposal processes. Matching customer needs to the company’s offerings, with a detailed quote to the customer or prospect.

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Utilizing guided selling features enhanced with AI, fast and targeted communication with customers, error-free price quote creation, and accelerated decision-making processes.

Win More.

Century CPQ is a powerful sales tool that helps you configure, price and quote complex product bundles, solutions, services and streamline the entire sales process in three easy steps.

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A Global Presence

Business and technical experts servicing customers across North America, Europe, and Asia

Reston, VA Corporate HQ
Philadelphia, PA
Toronto, Canada
Los Angeles, CA
San Juan, Puerto Rico
London, England
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Prague, Czech Republic
Chennai, India Offshore Development & Outsourcing
Mexico City, Mexico
Munich, Germany
Denver, CO

Excelacom’s mission is supported by experienced consultants, analysts and technology specialists, situated in offices worldwide.

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Global office locations provide 360-degree coverage of Excelacom clients’ needs

Dedicated Technology Center in Chennai, India with capacity up to 1,000 resources to scale up for projects of any size and complexity

Over 20 years of industry focus and innovative solutions